Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
Marcellus TMH Arts Terence Hopson, Artist
Marcellus TMH ArtsTerence Hopson, Artist 

Behind the Scenes

Take a look at the magic of Marcellus as we tour how these paintings are brought to life.


Most of my Image paintings require an outline so I can see how it will come to life with painting and graphics. The Canvas is primed with a liquid coat of paint and then the outline begins. -Terence-



Coloring in the Paint

Once the outline is in place, the coloring begins. Bring it to LIFE!! -Terence-.




Once the masterpiece is complete, I protect the painting by Varnishing it thoroughly.




The Art of Survival took an excessive 7 hours straight to complete.  During breaks, Terence took shots while making this beautiful piece. Slide Show of the Art of Survival below:

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